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Stuff Your Stockings With Cables

Twas the morning before Christmas and all through this blog, not a post was being written. Yes, the blog will be fairly quiet the next few days as I enjoy time with family and friends. Before things get quiet, I thought I’d remind you of a very necessary item that …

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The Importance of Product Photos in eCommerce

In the good old days of shopping, potential customers would go to a store and look at products in person. They would pick up the product and examine it to see if it was something they would like to purchase. Catalog shopping introduced the need for great photos. Most companies …

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K.N. Pepper’s 2014 Holiday Graphics

If you’re a longtime reader, you know that each year K.N. Pepper produces a cartoon or two to celebrate the holidays. For those who missed the 2012 and 2013 editions, you’ll find them at Two Years of Christmas Greetings From K.N. Pepper. It is now time for the 2014 edition …

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Chuck Chillout Font Built From Halftone Dots

There are an awful lot of you that deal with halftone dots on a regular basis. I’m guessing just as many of you are somewhere where it is really cold right now. Today’s font, Chuck Chillout, gets it name from the cold weather and its characters are built from halftone …

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Razer BlackWidow Chroma Mechanical Keyboard is Top Notch

For someone who writes as much as me, having the right keyboard is very important. Of course each of us is different and there are different things we prefer in our perfect keyboard. I really have become dependent on an ergonomic keyboard and thus the Microsoft Natural Ergo Keyboard 4000 …

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Reversing Mouse Buttons Can Cause Some Problems

I recently was contacted by someone I had worked with a number of times over the years at user conferences. He hadn’t been actively using CorelDRAW for a while so was still using CorelDRAW X3. Since he had a need for it again, he had just upgraded to CorelDRAW X7. …

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Windows 7 Users Beware of KB3004394 Update

On the second Tuesday of each month Microsoft releases a series of new updates to Windows. In most cases it is a good idea to install them as soon as possible. Unfortunately there are situations where installing an update can be very problematic for your system. This specific issue seems …

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Light Up Your Artwork With Xmas Lights Font

I’m a multi-purpose geek. When a friend needed help hanging Christmas lights on their house last week, I was happy to help them light up the night. It would be very difficult for me to come to each of your houses to hang up lights so I thought the next …

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Is CorelDRAW Really the Culprit of Regular Crashes?

I’ve seen a lot of users complain over the years about how CorelDRAW is constantly crashing. Pick a version, any version. Are there times where CorelDRAW alone is to blame? Absolutely. But if you are truly having that many crashes, I can almost guarantee the problem lies elsewhere. As I …

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Juice Up On The Go With Duracell Pocket Inverter

Just a reminder that if you are looking for an inexpensive gift that your favorite geek will love, make sure to read 22 Useful Tech Gifts Under $30 – Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas. Today I have another item you may want to add to that list that is just a …

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Sign Up for Rothwell Army With These Two Fonts

When I found the two fonts in the Rothwell family, I noticed the two fonts were identical in spacing and general character shape. The difference is that the regular weight has rounded edges and the “Army” weight features straight lines instead. If you are looking for a somewhat thin display …

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Getting Comfortable With a Graphics Tablet

I recently had a CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Session with someone and the most important thing I was asked to teach was how to get the most from a recently purchased Wacom tablet. Most of you already know that I feel Everyone Should Have a Wacom Tablet, Here Are the Two …

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How to Stop Facebook Game Requests

Among Facebook users, there are two distinct groups of users: those who play games and those who detest being bombarded with game requests. If you are one who hates the game requests, I’ll show you the steps to make them stop. First you need to understand something about Facebook’s motivation. …

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