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JVC Adixxion Action Cameras Better Than GoPro Hero?

I’ve recently written about the GoPro Hero cameras and praised the many things they can do. Like any popular product, there are some really good competitors out there and today I want to talk about one of them. Specifically, I’ll point out two cameras in the JVC Adixxion line. The …

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Using Seamless Textures For Windows Desktop Background

As loyal readers are already aware, I recently installed Windows 8.1 on two computers in our office and I’ve shared Five of My First Thoughts on Windows 8.1 with you. Part of the fun of installing on a new computer is customizing everything to fit your needs and even your …

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A Weekend In The Life of The Cave Creek Geek

I’ve always been told the weekend is when you are supposed to get a break from work. While I try to do that, it always amazes me that questions from users never stop coming. It could be at night, it could be over the weekend and sometimes it is at …

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Four Useful Add-Ons for Windows 8

Last week I gave you Five of My First Thoughts on Windows 8.1. As with any move to new software and/or operating system, there is a learning curve. Thanks to installing Start8, the learning curve wasn’t as painful since I have the familiar Start menu that Microsoft refused to deliver. …

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Set of Eleven Ephesian Fonts Testament to Your Designs

Some of you may immediately associate the name Ephesian as part of the New Testament in the Bible. I can’t see any connection between these fonts and the Bible at all so it just seems to be a coincidence. What you will find is a family of eleven fonts ready …

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Your Own Private Drone Is Available Now

If you’ve been watching the news at all the last few days, you probably saw mention about the drones Amazon wants to use to deliver packages. You can even watch the 60 Minutes piece that showed Amazon PrimeAir in action. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, admitted that it would likely …

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Use Paste Special Instead of Paste

I had someone Hire the Geek recently who was having some issues with a CorelDRAW file. There were a few issues that it was hard to determine the true cause and closing CorelDRAW and restarting made a huge difference. Yet as we started to test some things I discovered one …

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Cave Creek Art Show Sells With Square Credit Card Reader

There is an art show each year in Cave Creek that takes place the weekends before and after Thanksgiving. Many of the artists involved are very small businesses and often create the art in their spare time for fun and the hopes of making a few dollars. Typically 2-3 artists …

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Five of My First Thoughts on Windows 8.1

I’ve given you the explanation on why you must upgrade from Windows XP sooner rather than later. I’ve also told you we were planning to upgrade a computer to Windows 8.1 in our office and how we were preparing. A few days ago I got to experience Windows 8.1 a …

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Get Black Castle MF Font on Black Friday

Mobs of people are packing the stores for today’s Black Friday sales. I hope you are taking advantage of the sales right from your keyboard. Not sure what deals are out there? I documented some of them in Black Friday Sales From Graphics Unleashed, Corel, Amazon and More. On Black …

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Happy Thanksgiving and Free Clipart

Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and I hope you will all get to enjoy time with family and friends. Our office will be closed today, but we’ll get everything cranked up again on Friday. We wanted to give you all a holiday gift and we thought you …

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Hardware and Software Gifts to Put On Your Gift List

If you spend a fair amount of time manipulating graphics on a computer, a gift of software or hardware could be just what you desire. Looking back over the posts I’ve done this year, I found some really cool hardware and/or software you may want to add to your gift …

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Beware of CryptoLocker Malware!

If all of your data files were suddenly unavailable, how much would you pay to get them back? Remember the story I told of A Failed Hard Drive and Importance of Backup a few months ago? That user gladly paid $3000 in hopes that a service could recover their data …

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