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Microsoft Previews Windows 8.1 Update

Microsoft has released announced the upcoming release of Windows 8.1. In previous versions of Windows, we might have called this a service pack. Not only does it include fixes, there are new features and Microsoft claims the return of an old much-requested feature (the Start button). I’ll let you watch …

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Create Superhero Designs With SF Comic Script Fonts

Earlier this week I showed up a quick tutorial titled Fill Holes in Text With Smart Fill. Some of you may have asked what font was used for that example. Rather than just tell you what font was used, you can download the fonts for yourself. The family is SF …

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Before You Design, Know the Goal

Many years ago I had a student attend my CorelDRAW Unleashed Training. He keeps in touch with me on a somewhat regular basis, often to help him with a project. The latest project started last fall as he asked me to help him design a book cover. Along the way, …

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Boost Your Device’s Capacity With Bigger SD Card

There are a variety of different types of data cards used in your devices. One of the more popular types of cards is the SD Card (Secure Digital). While it has been used in some phones, most current smartphones have moved to microSD cards if they support storage cards (iPhones …

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Fill Holes in Text With Smart Fill

Recently I was working on some text in a logo and ran into a situation that I’m sure many of you have faced in the past. Look at the graphic below and you’ll see a letter on the left that is “filled” with white.Or at least it appears to be …

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GDG Node Manipulator Updated and Power Packed

For those of you who spend a good part of your day working with vector graphics in CorelDRAW, one of the tasks requiring your time is node editing. Having a macro that makes those tasks easier and faster can be incredibly valuable and that’s where GDG Node Manipulator comes into …

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Track and Invoice Your Time Easily With Harvest

How many of you bill clients based on the time you spend on projects? If you do, one of the biggest chores can actually be tracking that time so you can bill it accurately. For many designers, the time tracking may be more difficult than the actual project. A tool …

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Taking Your Designs Cruising With Zona Armada Font

Today is the first day over 100 degrees in the Phoenix area. This means most of the snowbirds have flown north for the summer. Even the die-hards are looking for ways to get to a cooler climate if only for the weekend. Folks in California even refer to us as …

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Native Mac Version of CorelDRAW Coming? Don’t Expect It!

When Adobe announced that all future versions of their Creative Suite products would only be available via subscription, the requests from Mac users for a native version of CorelDRAW started rolling in. I wrote Why You Shouldn’t Expect a Mac Version of CorelDRAW two years ago and I honestly don’t …

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Make Sure All of Your Account Information is Accurate

Since today is a holiday in the United States (and elsewhere), I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some maintenance you may want to do on our site. I know you would never make the mistakes I’m about to describe, but it wouldn’t hurt to check, would …

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Render 3D Figures Easily With Poser

Anytime a new version of familiar software is released, it gets me thinking back to when it was first released. Poser has been around for quite a while as a tool for creating 3D renderings of the human form. Early versions did a good job with the human form itself, …

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Tighten Up Your Designs With Tork Fonts

When I first saw the name of today’s fonts, Tork, I immediately thought of Peter Tork from The Monkees. No, I don’t think there is any relation between the artist and the font other than a funny coincidence between their names. Now I have several of their songs floating around …

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Alexander Penkin’s Effects for Cut updated

New features: Slicing: by size with overlapping The length of curves with separation by color Trim for lightbox (with overlap) Search for ‘thick’ lines and converting them into an object Search for small objects Search for intersection Search for duplicates Search objects with ‘no fill’ and ‘no outline’ Search for …

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Fastest way to get a color scheme for a project

I tend to design projects around the dominant hues found in the bitmaps used in that particular project. Put down that Twinkie and pay attention! I once charged huge sums for this info. CorelDRAW might still have a bit of a bad reputation due to some of the early users …

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Fastest way to fade an image

Sometime I see other users suggest convoluted ways to fade images. I propose that CorelDRAW’s Interactive Transparency Tool is the fastest way to get the job done. Note that this method is also non-destructive. In this example, I simply selected the bitmap, then the wine glass and then dragged across …

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