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Beginning in CorelDRAW – My Thoughts

Last week Jeff Harrison wrote a post entitled Where to Begin in which he offered advice to a user wanting to know where to begin in learning CorelDRAW. As part of the post, Jeff even included a picture of the various CorelDRAW training materials he has in his personal library. …

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CorelDRAW Colored Nodes Registry Hack Now Supports X5, X6, X7 and X8

I’ve never understood why there isn’t a setting in CorelDRAW’s Options dialog to turn on colored nodes, especially after this feature has been available for four versions now. There is a setting in the Options dialog to enlarge nodes, but to color code them you need to hack the registry. …

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SimpleSeps SmartRIP and SimpleSeps Raster Updated for CorelDRAW X8

Two important tools for screen printers have been updated to work with CorelDRAW X8. SimpleSeps 4.0 SmartRIP allows you to print spot color separations to any printer from within CorelDRAW. To learn more about it, watch the video tutorials linked below. SimpleSeps 4.0 SmartRIP Video Tutorials Color Separating Spot Color …

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Not Importing Old Workspaces in CorelDRAW X8 is a Good Thing

A few years ago I wrote Never Import Workspaces From a Previous Version. Why? It’s quite simple, it almost always leads to severe instability. The users have crashing problems will reset their workspace and then immediately re-import the old workspace insuring that the crashing continues. Just don’t do it! Both …

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Questions and Answers About CorelDRAW X8

I’ve had several people ask me questions about CorelDRAW X8. The first thing I want to make very clear is that I don’t even have a copy installed. Until I’ve used the software, I cannot provide my opinion on the software. Yes, I’ll get it installed soon. When I have …

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CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 Released

Corel officially introduced CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8 today and below is their press release detailing the new version. I have not used the new version yet. When I have used the product, I’ll share my thoughts. New CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X8: Create Professional Designs Faster With a Simplified Workflow and …

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Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to CorelDRAW X8

CorelDRAW X8 will be officially released tomorrow morning. But I was given the top ten reasons to upgrade to share with you a day early. Note that this list was written by Corel Corporation. I have not used CorelDRAW X8 and will share my personal thoughts when I’ve had time …

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Fixing Windows Software Scaling on High DPI Displays

I got a new laptop with Windows 10 and it has an amazing display on it. The new screen is 15.6″ with 3840×2160 pixels. Otherwise known as a 4K screen. To be exact it is the Dell XPS 15. All those glorious pixels come with a downside. Not all software …

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Home and Student Version Often Costs More in the Long Run

Everyone loves to save money. But there are times that trying to save money will cost you far more in the long run. Specifically, many users buy the “Home and Student” version of CorelDRAW because it costs less than the full version. While it may be the appropriate version for …

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eCut Add-On Does Much More Than Cutting

I think many of us will sometimes judge a product’s capabilities solely on the name of the product. One such product for me is the eCut Designer Toolkit for CorelDRAW. As it has “cut” in the name, I immediately suggest it to users who have the need to cut from …

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