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Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace Goes Black, Site Move Soon

It was about two months ago that I told you The Big unleash.com Makeover Nearing Completion. Since that announcement, we’ve moved a lot more content to our new sites. Now the big changes are going to start happening. We’ve disabled all forms of payments in Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace because …

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64-Bit Software Revisited, Often the Wrong Choice

By now, most of you should be running a 64-bit version of Windows. This allows you to use more than 2GB of RAM. As Windows itself often takes at least 1GB, it is important to have more RAM to run powerful software and work with large files. This is especially …

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Securing Web Sites Often Requires Finding Insecure References

Loyal readers may remember that we added SSL certificates to three of our sites a few months back. Those sites: CorelDRAW Unleashed, Seamless Textures Unleashed and Vehicle Templates Unleashed. After installing the certificates, the next step was to find reference to any element on any page of those sites that …

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More Online Scams and Hoaxes Continue to Propagate

A little over a month ago, I wrote Facebook Hoaxes and Identity Theft. While the scams and hoaxes are different, way too many people are falling for them. Once again I ask anyone posting anything on Facebook (or any other online outlet) to verify what they are posting is indeed …

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Cave Creek Geek and Jeff Harrison Moved, iolo Special Offers

More content has been moved as part of the big unleash.com makeover. First up are the Cave Creek Geek videos. If you’ve missed any of the videos, get caught up now. It has been more than a year since I’ve posted a new video. Don’t worry, new videos will be …

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Textures Unleashed Lite and Pro Collections Now Downloadable

There are times we get suggestions from you, our loyal readers, and we are very frustrated that it just isn’t feasible to follow up on those suggestions. There were two suggestions related to our Textures Unleashed collections that we weren’t able to implement…until now! We have offered two different collections …

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Design Base Automation Plug-In and Artwork Now Fully Downloadable

I’ve told you that part of the big unleash.com makeover involves moving products to a series of new sites. In many cases, there are also other improvements being made as part of the move. That is certainly the case with the Design Base Automation Plug-In and its Design Packs. I …

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CorelDRAW Brush Packs Moved, Price Lowered

Last week I told you about the massive makeover of our Web sites that is nearing completion. If you have not read that post, I encourage you to do so now. As part of that makeover, we recently moved another set of popular artwork packages from the unleash.com site to …

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See Fewer Ads Without Ad Blocking and Support Your Favorite Sites

It is no secret that many users hate Web pages filled with ads. Unfortunately those ads provide a valuable source of revenue for the sites providing you with “free” content. While we do place ads on our sites, we try to keep the user in mind so they aren’t as …

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Is It Time to Move to Windows 10 Yet?

A loyal reader recently asked if the time had come to move to Windows 10. That is truly a decision that you have to make for yourself. I’ll share a few of the reasons that I’ve not yet made the jump and don’t expect to make the jump in the …

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