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My Computer Got An Unexpected Upgrade, A Really Fast One!

Loyal readers have probably noticed there haven’t been any new posts the last few days. There was a good reason, my main computer was dead. So today I’m going to share the story of the dead computer and how I got it going again with a lot more speed. Over …

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Clean Up Your Disk, Speed Up Your System

I was talking with a loyal reader a few days and a full drive was causing their computer to run extra slow. As your hard drive runs out of space, your system will slow down drastically. If you’ve not cleaned up your drive lately, take a few minutes to do …

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Disconnect Backup Drives To Protect Data

A couple of days ago I told you Cryptolocker Strikes, The Price Has Gone Up. The bad part about Cryptolocker and its variants is that they will encrypt every attached drive on your system. Therefore if you want a backup to be truly safe in case of disaster, the backup …

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A Barricade on Our Path Along the Information Superhighway

There was a situation that hit our office a few days ago that was just maddening. All of a sudden we were unable to visit our own Web site or our e-mail. The only other Web site that seemed to be failing was that of our Web host which made …

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Do You Need To Clean Out Your Old Habits?

No matter the task at hand, you have probably developed a routine for completing it if it is something you do on a regular basis. Every now and then we all need to revisit the steps we use to complete these tasks to see if there is a better way …

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