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Two Color Patterns Should Be Avoided in CorelDRAW

Recently a loyal reader posed a question on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook Page about two color patterns in CorelDRAW. The question was how to move custom two color patterns from one version of CorelDRAW to another. In short, you can’t. They would need to be re-created in each new version …

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Get the Nudge Values You Want in CorelDRAW

When you first install CorelDRAW, there are a number of settings at a default value that Corel feels is best. You might agree and love those settings, you may feel that different settings are best for your workflow. The Nudge settings are one of the settings that users often want …

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Enlarge and Color Code Your Nodes in CorelDRAW X5

One of the tasks you do often when working with vector graphics is node editing. It isn’t glamorous at all and the only way to truly get good at it is to get your hands dirty and do some node editing. There are two minor changes in CorelDRAW X5 that …

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Understanding the Complexity of the Windows Clipboard

A few months ago I wrote about using the Paste Special command to get more control over the format of data being pasted. In the last few days I’ve had some communication with the folks at Corel and they provided some insight into how data is passed across the clipboard. …

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Design For Your Audience

Last weekend I took a whirlwind trip with some friends to Chicago, Champaign and Indianapolis to take in some sporting events. One of the friends is also my printer and the other is in the business of selling office equipment. That led to many conversations about all things graphics. We …

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Organizing Your CorelDRAW Files

I saw a plea for help from a user that was a scary situation that many of us may face at some point. This user had recently started with a company that had “tens of thousands” of CorelDRAW files that were not organized in any way. Finding files was extremely …

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Job Hunting, Geography and Spelling

Soon a member of the Unleashed family will be leaving us and I’m in the process of finding a replacement. I have received quite a few applicants and many of them eliminated themselves quickly. I thought I’d pass along some of their mistakes as these are mistakes that can happen …

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CorelDRAW, Glyphs and Archives

I had a loyal reader ask me about an article titled Fun with glyphs at Before & After. It shows how a variety of alternate glyphs are selected from a font. The reader wanted to know if this was possible in CorelDRAW. The short answer is yes and it has …

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The Feature You Desire May Already Exist

Quite often I will use an e-mail or phone call I receive when writing a blog post. In this case it was a phone call from someone who wanted to know if there was a macro or add-on for CorelDRAW that would do a specific kind of product. The person …

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State the Correct Version Number

A few months ago I told you about the lack of information provided by a number of users who simply say “It Doesn’t Work“. One of the most basic things you should supply is the name of the software and the version you are using. A pet peeve of mine …

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