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Seamless Textures Web Site Makeover With New WordPress Theme

Many loyal readers are well aware of our Seamless Textures Unleashed Web site. I always felt it looked great, but it was probably a bit cluttered and there were some constraints with our previous theme. So we installed a new WordPress theme and gave the site an all new look. …

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A Makeover of Political Circus Web Properties

I know a journalist who loves covering US elections and refers to them as the “circus”. A week ago, his blog and Web site were in need of a makeover in the worst way. This is especially important in this election year. We were able to consolidate his sites and …

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Makeover of VJ Properties Web Site, Part 1

With any project, there are a number of processes involved on the road to completion. Last week I shared the process used in Vectorizing VJ Properties Logo. This week covers the bigger part of the project and that was the complete makeover of their Web site. All of the details …

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Cave Creek Contemporary and Kenn Cross Concepts Web Site Makeover

For the full write-up of the makeover recently performed on the Cave Creek Contemporary and Kenn Cross Concepts site, please read Kenn Cross Concepts Web Site Makeover on our sister Web Design Solutions Unleashed site. Below is the home page before the makeover. The original site was attractive, but didn’t …

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Sun Visors Etc Makeover With WordPress

It was over a year ago that we built a new site for Sun Visors Etc to replace an online store scheduled to be discontinued. All of the details of this makeover are described in a new post entitled Sun Visors Etc Web Site Makeover on our site Web Design …

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At the Age of Twenty, unleash.com Moves to WordPress

The unleash.com site first came to life in May 1995 and it started as just a single page. Over the years it went through a number of makeovers and it grew to over ten thousand pages. Unfortunately it got to the point where making some of the needed changes were …

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Soaring Spirit Studio Web Site Makeover

Over the years, I’ve found that readers love to read about makeovers. While some of you are very interested in Web design topics, others are not interested. For that reason, I’ve started a new Web Design Solutions Unleashed Blog where I will cover Web design topics. The first post describes …

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WordPress Desktop App Makes Managing Multiple Sites Easier

For those of you who don’t stay up on Web design trends, the WordPress platform now powers the sites of more than 25% of the Internet. That percentage has been increasing year over year and our own sites have shifted from other technologies to WordPress. Our last remaining site is …

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Securing Web Sites Often Requires Finding Insecure References

Loyal readers may remember that we added SSL certificates to three of our sites a few months back. Those sites: CorelDRAW Unleashed, Seamless Textures Unleashed and Vehicle Templates Unleashed. After installing the certificates, the next step was to find reference to any element on any page of those sites that …

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Building WordPress Web Site Requires Great Theme

Before I get into the major elements needed to build a great Web site, I want to stress that the most important element is content! It might only take a few words, it may take many. Someone has to write the words. Then there are photographs and other graphics. This …

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