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Nuevo teclado mismo que el antiguo teclado

I didn’t look up the old post where I talked about the P key sticking on my keyboard. I’m guessing it was a couple of years ago. After a good whack, it was unstuck and worked normally since soon after I wrote about it. In the last week, it has …

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Tech Nueva Digesto del 1 de diciembre, 2017

A big nasty bug his MacOS this week and a fix was out soon afterwards. Bitcoin prices are still going crazy, why? Alexa is everywhere, even in the office. These are just a few of this week’s headlines, click on the headlines below to get the whole story. The PC …

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Roca hacia fuera con el sistema estéreo y altavoces

Hace una semana recibí una llamada de un amigo que quería ayuda la compra de un equipo de música. Hemos planeado una excursión para ir a las tiendas, aunque no tenía la sospecha de la mejor opción sería comprar en línea. Al final, no comprar en Amazon. Otros ...

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Tech News Digest el 24 de noviembre, 2017

Many of you may have enjoyed the cartoons we’ve published in past years from KN Pepper. Unfortunately I was notified that he passed away recently, though his obituary reveals a secret. He will definitely be missed. Uber was hacked. The US government wants to kill Net Neutrality and and Time …

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Ofertas de viernes negro Tech

My inbox gets filled with Black Friday deals. I’ve sifted through all of them and listed some of the best tech-related deals below on products I personally love. Some deals last a few days, others are only good through Black Friday (November 24, 2017). So click early if you really …

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Tech News Digest para el 17 de noviembre de, 2017

It has been an interesting week for me as I’ve met quite a few members of race teams involved in the Baja 1000. By the time you read this, the winner will have crossed the finish line. I’ve just loved getting to see some of the race vehicles up close …

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Tech News Digest el 10 de noviembre, 2017

I got to experience some cool technology this week that allows someone to walk into the Tijuana, Mexico airport directly from the US (just South of San Diego). It was a very smooth process. Amazon wants to know if you’ll trust them to leave packages inside your house? Web sites …

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Tech News Digest el 3 de noviembre, 2017

The iPhone X is available or maybe not. Of course it’s been hacked along with a Google database. Was it the Russians again? They are in all your social media and there may be no way to stop it. Throw in candy, burgers and Cinnabun and there is a lot …

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Corel Viernes Negro de ventas para 2017

As the calendar has turned to November, the deals are starting for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other holiday sales. Below are four of the products that Corel is featuring. The information they provided said that these sales end on November 8, 2017. I think that is a typo, but …

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Bancos poder para mantener los dispositivos en jugo en el Go

¿Con qué frecuencia te encuentras en el camino y su teléfono o tableta se está quedando sin jugo? Si es así, se necesita algún tipo de banco portable para dar a sus dispositivos de una carga. Voy a enumerar tres capacidades de los bancos de la energía. La mayor capacidad de la batería, el más grande ...

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Tech News Digest para el 27 de octubre de, 2017

Sometimes technology can bite back and that happened to us this week. We moved the Graphics Unleashed blog to a new Web server and all went well. The last step of the process is to move the name,, from the old server to the new one. Something went horribly …

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Tech News Digest para el 20 de octubre de, 2017

I always do my best to deliver some out of this world tech news each week. This week, we have news about Mars so I guess I’ve delivered. A huge KRACK in Wi-Fi security was announced. Take it seriously and make sure to do what is needed to keep your …

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La selección de las piezas de construcción de un ordenador

Un buen amigo viene a visitar pronto y que está trayendo a sus dos hijos adolescentes. El más joven ha expresado su interés en la construcción de su propio ordenador así que vamos a pasar algún tiempo a discutir el proceso. Como iba originalmente para ser la preparación de algunas notas para nosotros ...

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Colección de metal caliente de tubos sin costura Texturas

Last month I said we’d been hard at work on more seamless textures. We’ve just released our fourth collection of 144 seamless metal textures. If you aren’t aware, you can use them in almost every graphics software package on projects from business cards to vehicle wraps and billboards. They are …

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Tech News Digest for October 13, 2017

It seems like every week is full of news on the latest and greatest phones as well as what may be coming in the future. This week is no different. Fake news made it onto Google thanks to a bot error. Facebook has a new tool to fight fake news. …

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Robert Langdon vuelve en Origen de Dan Brown

Uno de los libros más populares es la historia reciente es El Código Da Vinci. En realidad, fue el segundo de una serie ofreció el personaje de Robert Langdon. Ahora el quinto título es la serie está disponible. Sí, los enlaces que he proporcionado ganarán mí una muy pequeña comisión. No, …

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Tech News Digest for October 6, 2017

The huge news this week wasn’t in tech. After numerous natural disasters recently, there was one that was entirely man-made. Google released a new line of products and Samsung is hinting at something that looks amazing in the not too distant future. Yes, hacks and infections are still happening and …

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