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Failure of Sending Email Newsletters

Loyal readers may have noticed that our weekly newsletter has not landed in your inbox for the last two weeks. Maybe you didn't notice, but it was certainly a great concern in our office. We can only hope the problem is corrected on the next sending. We'll go over...

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Email Campaign

Make Improvements to Yourself

This is the third part of a series on improving yourself. The first two parts can be found at Skills to Improve Yourself and Your Life and More Skills for Improving Yourself. Here are six more posts covering various methods of self improvement. Click on the titles...

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More Skills for Improving Yourself

Last week I wrote Skills to Improve Yourself and Your Life. Below are six more posts covering various ways you can improve yourself. Click on each of the titles to read the full post. Flow State: What it is and How to Enter It How to Change Yourself for the Better...

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My Nightmare with Quicken Bill Pay

I long ago forgot when I started using Quicken. It was at least the early 90s and possibly the late 80s. Yes, it has frustrated me many times. Earlier this year I was frustrated enough to try an alternative product. I gave that other product a few months and it was...

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