Web HostingLoyal readers may have noticed the lack of new blog posts for more than a week. There were some emergencies that needed to get solved that took away from my writing time.

It all started two weeks ago. I had an appointment at the local Mexican Consulate to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa. It allows me to live and work in Mexico. For those who want more info, please read The Open Door Leads Online and South. While at the consulate, the Web server that hosts this site and others crashed. It was down for more than 30 hours.

In the world of Web hosting, downtime is a major problem. In short, our Web hosting had failed us miserably. In total we had a dozen sites on this seriously flawed hosting and they needed to be moved to new hosting as soon as possible. Unfortunately they can’t be moved if the original site isn’t functioning. The old sites would come up and we’d try to move them before they went down again. Now, two weeks later, we’ve finally moved all of our sites from that bad hosting.

Our new hosting with Siteground and their support team has been helpful in getting all of our sites moved to their servers. The process has not been without incident and they have helped to keep me from going crazy when we hit bumps in the road.

It make take a couple more days for us to get back to normal, but we’ll do our best to get some new posts written and get back on our regular schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope we don’t have to make a move like this for a very long time, if ever.

Photo by frank mckenna

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