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It may be a small utility or possibly the software upon which you run your business. We’ll tell you about our favorites.

My Experience Upgrading to Windows 11

When Windows 10 was released, we were told it would be the last version of Windows. Several years passed and that was the case. Then we got Windows 11 and it did have some changes about what machines were supported. So we weren’t talking about installing some...

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FileZilla Provides Free FTP Client

If you need to move files from your computer to a remote computer, one of the best methods is to use an FTP client. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is a standard method for moving files on the Internet. So when I talk about moving files to a remote...

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Box Shot 3D Renders Boxes and More

Two weeks ago I told you about True BoxShot as a tool for creating 3D renderings of boxes and books. Today we’re going to look at another similar product called Box Shot 3D. Overall they do similar things, but Box Shot 3D has a larger library of products that it...

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True BoxShot Makes 3D Product Renderings

If you have a product to sell, you need a great photo of that product to use in your promotion. These days, it is usually much easier to generate the product shot using software. I’ve been using a product called True BoxShot for several years and have been very...

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