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Designing for a Moving Target

A couple of days ago I provided a Software Toolkit for Designing EPUB and Kindle Files and today I want to discuss some of the challenges involved. In short, there are a lot of compatibility problems between the different Kindle platforms and the worst offender is...

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How to Create Your Own EBook

The world of publishing has changed drastically since my first book was released in 1993. Starting in 2003, I now publish all of my own books as the "traditional" publishers don't bring any benefit for me. Often I am asked about the process and it is somewhat...

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A Source of Free Ebooks

Recently I came across a Web site that allows you to download high-quality copyrighted ebooks from leading publishers for free. Wowio does this by getting someone to sponsor the books.When you sign up, you will have to supply a little bit of information about...

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