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If You Don’t Like the Answer, Asking the Question Again Won’t Help

Have you ever heard the saying that if you don’t like the answer you are given to ask the question again? I think that is the case sometimes with questions I receive asking for help. We recently had someone ask us a question as a comment to a blog post. …

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Follow-Up on Kindle Publishing and MysticThumbs

There are days when I feel like the only person who realizes the massive amount of information available in the blog archives. Of course it’s because I’m the one who creative the majority of the content. A month ago I announced the release of Setting Up a Windows Computer From …

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CorelDRAW Thumbnails, MysticThumbs and ROMCat

There are some questions that always come up no matter how many times I cover them in the blog. One that tends to frustrate users quite often is the inability to see thumbnails for CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT files. I’ll go over the software that controls the thumbnail display and …

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MysticThumbs Provides Thumbnails For Many Graphic Formats

Being able to see thumbnails of files is very important to artists. That has been evident by those having issues seeing thumbnails for CDR files. No, I don’t have that issue. They work great for me. Yes, I know they don’t work for all users. If I can come up …

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Thumbnails, Clip Art and ROMCat

Being able to find artwork on your computer is extremely important. Looking for a particular file name may be one way to do it, but many users want to look for files in a more visual manner. A part of recent versions of CorelDRAW is the “Shell Extension” which allows …

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Oberon Thumbnailer for CorelDRAW 11-X5 (and Maybe X6)

Let’s say you have a bunch of photos or vector graphics and you want a catalog of them all. Maybe you want to see a thumbnail of all those graphics as well as the file name. If there are thousands of them, how long would it take you to put …

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Easy Thumbnails

Not too long ago I got a question from a loyal reader asking for an easy way to downsample a batch of images to a specified size. This can certainly be done in Corel PHOTO-PAINT and is a task I describe in Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 Unleashed. In fact, I provide …

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MysticThumbs Thumbnail Manager

Users are always asking for a way to see accurate thumbnails of all of their graphic files in Windows Explorer. A few months ago I featured FastPictureViewer Codec Pack as one solution to the problem. Today, I want to tell you about MysticThumbs as an alternative. Each of these products …

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