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The Many Features of eCut Designer Toolkit for CorelDRAW

When eCut Designer Toolkit was original conceived and released, it mainly served as a tool for users who needed to cut with a laser, knife or router. So for those who cut, it is an invaluable add-on for CorelDRAW. Yet even those of you who will never cut will find …

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New eCut 6.0 Adds Powerful Variables Function to Popular CorelDRAW Macro

Loyal readers already know that the eCut macro is a powerful tool that is loved by customers as I pointed out in A Customer Loves All That eCut Designer Toolkit Does in CorelDRAW. It has recently been updated a very powerful new feature has been added. Think of the Variable …

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Search and Replace for Colors to Get the Perfect Match

I spoke with a loyal reader recently who was having trouble using the right shade of color to enable cutting on a laser engraver. The answer was relatively simple and could be rectified using the Replace Wizard shown below. For more details on the process, read the Using the Proper …

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Making Sure Your Outlines Will Scale With Your Artwork

How many times have you opened up some artwork and scaled it to a different size only to find that the outline width didn’t scale with the artwork? There are a variety of ways to resolve this in CorelDRAW, though I’ve only found one way that is truly reliable. Even …

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CoCut Standard and Professional for Vinyl Cutting or Print and Cut

There are a number of you who have the need to do vinyl cutting or print and cut. Ideally you want to design in your favorite design tool and have it directly access your printer/cutter. We’ve just added CoCut Standard 2015 and CoCut Professional 2015 to our site to meet …

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How To Test if Your CorelDRAW Includes VBA

If you have looked into most any macro for CorelDRAW, you’ll probably see a note somewhere about how that macro requires VBA. I was working with a client on a Hire The Geek session and I was asked how to test and find out if VBA was installed. While there …

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Unleashed FX Being Retired at End of Week

We’ve had a macro available for many years for Corel PHOTO-PAINT users by the name of Unleashed FX. It first came about in the days of Corel PHOTO-PAINT 9 and was last updated for Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4. It is version specific, so it only works in a specific version of …

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A Customer Loves All That eCut Designer Toolkit Does in CorelDRAW

It is easy for me to tell you that a product does amazing things, but I’m sure you want to know what real users think about a product. Recently we saw more traffic on our site going to the page for eCut and discovered the source of the traffic was …

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Popular CorelDRAW Macros Updated for CorelDRAW X6 and X7

I’ve had many people ask over the past few years about the various Oberon macros for CorelDRAW. They had not been updated to work with CorelDRAW X6 or X7 and users wanted to know when the updates would be available. Good news, that day has arrived and new versions of …

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Automate Your Designs and Add Artwork with Design Base DVD

You like to get things done faster, right? You also want to present fresh new creative ideas. If you want to speed up the process, make sure to get a copy of the Design Base Automation Plug-in. It installs into CorelDRAW X3-X6 and you can get a copy completely free. …

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