I know many of you don’t want to hear this and some will even dismiss what I have to say. Corel Website Creator (X5 or X6) is just not a good choice for designing a Web site. I’ll go over the pros and cons so you understand why I have such a negative opinion.

First, you have to understand the origin of the product. It is a Corel branded version of Net Objects Fusion. If Corel was going to license a Web editor from elsewhere, I honestly can’t think of a worse choice. While there may be training resources available under the Net Objects Fusion name, I definitely will not be covering it in my CorelDRAW Unleashed books.

No matter what tool you use to design a Web page or a Web site, there is a learning curve. That includes Corel Website Creator. The downside is that anything you learn about Corel Website Creator is of no help if you use any other tool. Therefore you are better offer learning at least the basics of HTML and CSS as those technologies will help you with almost any editor you choose. They just aren’t useful in Corel Website Creator.

Yes, it is a WYSIWYG environment. So the page you design will look exactly the same once published to the Web. That is appealing to many users. There are templates supplied and that can make it easy to get started on a very simple site. The only possible situation where this tool may be useful to you would be a very small site (no more than ten pages) that will never change.

Why do I stress the difficulty in making changes? Sure, you can open the site you’ve designed in Corel Website Creator and make changes. Just don’t even think about changing it in any other editor as the code created is an absolute mess. If the product were to ever be discontinued, you could be left with sites that must be started from scratch.

Don’t try to edit an existing site with Corel Website Creator. It won’t import existing HTML code. It only works with its own templates and sites.

No matter how strongly I say this, some of you will still want to use it because it was supplied as a free bonus with CorelDRAW X6. It may actually be the answer for one or two of you. I just think you would be much better off finding another tool (free or commercial) and learning the basics of Web design.

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