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The Million Dollar SEO Answer

When you start an SEO project for a new client, finding new keywords is fairly easy. You simply utilize tools such as Google's Adwords Keyword tool, sites like Soovle, etc. and soon you'll have pages of keywords. The more difficult task is selecting the right...

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The Top 5 SEO Factors

Many of our clients don't have time for SEO and won't spend the money to hire a professional. If you find yourself in a similar position, we've created a list of the top five factors with the greatest return on SEO. By focusing on just these five areas, you'll...

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Free SEO Tools

One of the forces that drive me forward is viewing SEO as a competition. It is a contest with sophisticated rules between Google, my competition and me. The winner is the most popular and more relevant site with the highest rankings. The payoff is position, traffic...

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