The Million Dollar SEO Answer

September 29, 2012

When you start an SEO project for a new client, finding new keywords is fairly easy. You simply utilize tools such as Google’s Adwords Keyword tool, sites like Soovle, etc. and soon you’ll have pages of keywords. The more difficult task is selecting the right keywords that will bring traffic and convert visitors. You see, not all keywords are created equally and different keywords will convert traffic at different rates.

SEO takes time and lots of effort. The last thing we want to do is focus on a keyword for several months driving it up the organic search rankings only to find out that it converts poorly. This can be a time consuming and frustrating process that has ruined more than a few young SEO stars.

So how can you decide which terms are most likely to succeed and are worthy of your time and attention? The million dollar answer is PPC data.

My clients expect results from the moment they sign an SEO contract with our firm; I assure you they aren’t interested in how you get it (provided it isn’t illegal or black hat SEO), they just want more traffic. To satisfy this need, we explain that SEO takes time and that initially we’d like to bring more traffic to the site with PPC ads. We explain this is a short-term solution and also the benefits of identifying keywords with high conversion rates. Plan to have this campaign run from one to three months.

Once enough PPC ad data has been collected, examine the Google Adwords to determine which of the keywords have the highest conversion rates. You can sort using the conversion rate column in the Adwords tool to find your top performers.

Now segment your list in an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the list and then divide it into three groups: Top 1/3, Middle 1/3 and bottom 1/3 conversion rates.

Use this list to build an SEO roadmap wherein strategic planning and an optimization plan can be built for the Top 1/3 words, followed by the Middle 1/3 words.

Leveraging PPC data to help you focus on the right keywords from the beginning will save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. You’ll get quick, actionable information that will increase your odds of conversion and dramatically impact your revenue.

This is a guest post to the Graphics Unleashed Blog by Doug Dickson. Doug Dickson is President and Chief Energizing Officer of Print Source One, one of the Arizona’s leading printing companies. His clientele includes all of America’s largest financial and insurance companies, celebrities, as well as top professionals in the medical, plastic surgery dental and orthodontic specialties. Mr. Dickson is well known for his ability to analyze Web sites and help them achieve front page listings in Google, a process known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He is an industry expert and has been recognized by Google as a Certified Adwords Partner.

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