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Dramatic SEO Improvement With Minor Page Changes

Authentic Nelson Mandela Ballot from 1994 South Africa election

Search Engine Optimization can sometimes be very frustrating. If you are trying to improve your ranking in a very competitive segment, moving a page up even a spot or two in the rankings can take a lot of work. But we had a recent situation where some minor page changes …

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Makeover Web Sites For Mobile Devices or Lose Search Traffic

When we go to Google and perform a search, there are many criteria used behind the scenes to give us results that Google feels will best answer our query. Often Google will update the algorithm used to modify the criteria used and the amount of importance assigned to the criteria. …

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Sharon From Google Called Though It Isn’t Google Calling

I’m sure all of you have received a pre-recorded call trying to sell you a product or service. One that I get several times a week comes from a friendly female voice claiming to be Sharon From Google. Now it seems odd to me that this same pre-recorded Sharon would …

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Design a Web Site That Ranks Well in Search Engines via SEO

For students, the summer is nearing an end and school will be back in session. Just because most of you long ago completed your formal schooling doesn’t mean you can’t go back to school to learn something important to help your business. You may have your own Web site or …

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Social Interactions Important for SEO Efforts

In my post a couple of days ago, Enjoy the Blog? Your Support Is Important!, I mentioned some free methods in which you can help the blog. I want to expand on two of those methods and explain how they are helpful to the blog and how they are an …

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Create Attractive, SEO-Friendly Web Menus With CSS3 Menu Maker

If you’ve visited the Graphics Unleashed Web site or the Graphics Unleashed Blog in the past couple of days, you may have noticed we installed new menus at the top of each page. Below is a screenshot of a portion of the menu with one item dropped down. First and …

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Rapid SEO Tool Makes Researching and Optimizing Search Rankings Easy

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is optimizing Web pages and Web sites so they appear higher in search engine rankings for desired terms. Sure, you can pay to run ads for the desired terms, but that can get expensive. Getting your page to the top of Google may cost you …

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Boost Your Web Strategy for the New Year

Can you believe another year starts next week? I’m sure it will be a year filled with challenges for all businesses. I hope your business has a Web strategy and a social media strategy. If not, that might be something you need to consider implementing. For those that already have …

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Get On Board the Content Bandwagon

Google has warned webmasters for years against using SEO shortcuts, tricks, loopholes, manufactured “spun” content, and buying links to gain an artificial advantage. Large numbers of companies are ignoring that advice in a rush to win traffic and sales. The results? Many Web sites have been penalized, removed from the …

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The Million Dollar SEO Answer

When you start an SEO project for a new client, finding new keywords is fairly easy. You simply utilize tools such as Google’s Adwords Keyword tool, sites like Soovle, etc. and soon you’ll have pages of keywords. The more difficult task is selecting the right keywords that will bring traffic …

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