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Eliminating Banding In Graphics for the Web

While working on a recent project, the only copies of a logo were fairly low-resolution bitmaps. The quality of them was good, just at too low of a resolution for the desired usage on a Web site. By asking a few questions, I was able to determine who had originally …

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Getting the Perfect Sized Graphic for the Web From CorelDRAW

It is very easy in either CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT to design a graphic for a Web site that is the perfect size. The first thing you need to do is remember that inches (or centimeters) have absolutely nothing to do with Web design. There is only one unit of …

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Putting the Right Graphics on the Web

Sometimes the mistakes are made by a newbie to Web content creation and sometimes they are made by seasoned professionals. Yet there are some common mistakes that are really easy to avoid. Let’s first look at posts from 2009 that described two common mistakes and then we’ll talk about various …

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