CorelDRAW 4 and X7 BoxesA number of people have asked me what I thought of CorelDRAW X7. As I had not received my box until recently, I was not able to give my opinion. I still have not used the software enough to give you my detailed thoughts, but I did want to describe exactly what is contained in the box.

When the box first arrived, it was a bit of a shock to see the size as it is by far the smallest box of CorelDRAW I’ve ever received. One of the biggest was the CorelDRAW 4 box (from 1993) so I took a picture of the two of them together so you could see the difference. What isn’t obvious in the picture is the thickness of the two boxes. The CorelDRAW 4 box is probably about five inches thick where the CorelDRAW X7 box is maybe half an inch thick.

If you want printed manuals, you won’t find any in the CorelDRAW X7 box. There is a six panel flyer showing award winning designs and an eight panel chart with shortcut keys. No other printed materials are in the box. There is also a single DVD and a sticker with the serial number. If there is a user manual in PDF format, I was not able to find it on the DVD. There were six different “Insights From the Experts” tutorials in PDF format explaining how a specific type of project could be created.

The only other instructional content included on the DVD are help files and the embedded Hints Docker. Video tutorials are available, but they are all stored on YouTube. A shortcut is installed that brings up a player linking to each of the available videos. You’ll just need to have a good connection to the Internet to watch them.

Unlike previous versions, there are no “extras” on the DVD. Clipart, fonts, photos and other content previous found on the DVD are now only accessible through Corel CONNECT. There is not a way to download it all at once, you have to download each piece of content individually. The included DVD has approximately 3 GB of unused space so the lack of extras on the DVD wasn’t due to a lack of space.

The wow factor that used to exist when opening boxes of previous versions is gone. Nowadays about the only difference between the boxed version and the download version is having the software on a DVD.  If you are looking for more information on CorelDRAW X7, we have a page linking to all previous articles as well as links to purchase from Corel and Amazon.

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