This blog was started in 2005 and has undergone a couple of moves over the years. Now that it has a dedicated home at, it was time to go back and repair old posts. I wanted to describe why the problems existed and some of the ways they were corrected.

Let’s start with posts that were just not relevant any more. For example, what if a ten year old post told you about a sale that was only good for a week? With the sale long gone, I simply deleted a number of these posts. Similarly there were some press released for products that are now dead. Yup, those were deleted as well.

Quite a few posts referenced images stored on the domain, a previous home for the blog. The problem is that those images are no longer available on the domain. It just left a hole in the posts. It took quite a bit of time, but those images were uploaded to graphics-unleashed and the references corrected. Unfortunately not all images were saved on our computers. If the image was very important to the post, there was no choice but to delete the post. Just having some words wouldn’t have had much meeting.

I often try to link back to previous posts. Those links were often linking to the wrong location due to the moves. This meant I had to find the new location and fix the references.

All in all, there were close to 2000 posts with something that needed to be fixed. It took months to get through all of them. More than 300 posts were removed. There are still more than 3000 posts remaining filled with valuable information. I hope such changes won’t be needed in the future as it was a massive project that stole an untold number of hours from me.

Photo by unsplash-logojesse orrico

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