After all the years and version changes, I still find it odd that Adobe has put a limit of around 227 inches on their files. I wrote about this in Large Dimension PDF Files are Fine, Adobe is the Problem back in 2011. For those of you working in metric, that is around 5.75 meters. It applies to Adobe Illustrator, PDF files and other Adobe software.

I was working on a fairly basic floorplan in CorelDRAW. Yes, I could draw the floorplan to scale and that would be my only option with Adobe’s solutions. Yet in CorelDRAW, I can draw everything to the exact size needed. For what I was doing, I created a page size of 50 feet square. That’s around 16 meters for those working in metric. It is far less than the page size limit of 150 feet square. Below is a sample of the floor plan graphic.

Once I have the exact floor plan; I can add furniture, electrical outlets or anything else I want designated. Unlike a typical blueprint, I can also use as much color as I desire. If you’ve never used really large dimensions in CorelDRAW, give it a try. It allows you to do so many projects that you may not have thought possible.

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