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Protect Yourself from Dangerous WannaCry Ransomware

One of the worst Ransomware infections is going on right now. Please prepare yourself so that your data isn’t taken hostage. If you haven’t heard about it, read about this widespread form of malware. While the initial malware has been slowed, new variants are still out there running wild. How …

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New Malware Ransoms Data Disguised as Microsoft E-mail

Your data is very valuable and the criminals know this. They want to find ways to “kidnap” your data and hold it for ransom. I’ve warned you about this in Beware of Cryptolocker Malware and Cryptolocker Strikes, The Price Has Gone Up. The latest threat has the bad guys impersonating …

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Cryptolocker Strikes, The Price Has Gone Up

About a year ago I wrote a warning Beware of Cryptolocker Malware. If you don’t remember it well, I suggest you read it again. The cost for ignoring the warning is getting more and more expensive. In short, Crytolocker (and variants) are malware that gets installed on your computer. As …

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Beware of CryptoLocker Malware!

If all of your data files were suddenly unavailable, how much would you pay to get them back? Remember the story I told of A Failed Hard Drive and Importance of Backup a few months ago? That user gladly paid $3000 in hopes that a service could recover their data …

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You May Lose Internet Access on Monday!

Did the headline grab your attention? I hope so, because there is a nasty piece of malware that could disconnect you from the Internet on Monday. Estimates claim that 277,000 Windows PCs are affected by the DNS Changer Malware. There is currently a safety net in place and the FBI …

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