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Using Marble Seamless Texture to Create Distress Pattern

I was working on a project where I wanted to add a distress pattern. I knew immediately that I could find a great pattern in our Textures Unleashed collections and it was just a matter of finding the perfect one. I ended up using one called Ink Vein Marble from …

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Close Object Manager Docker When Running Intensive Macros

I’m a huge fan of the Object Manager Docker (shown at right) as it provides so much information on my drawing as a whole and the objects within it. For that reason, I almost always have the Docker open so I can see what it contains. There are situations where …

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What Is The Goal of Your Project?

I have been working with a new client on a Web site for about a month. All of our communication had come via telephone and e-mail until a couple of days ago. Our schedules finally aligned and we sat down for a couple of hours to discuss the plans going …

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CorelDRAW for the T-Shirt Business

It would have been great if every single one of you had been able to attend my CorelDRAW for the T-Shirt Business presentation last week in Los Angeles. Thanks to time and distance constraints, I know that it is difficult for many of you. I wanted to make the information …

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Come Learn With Me at NBM Los Angeles Today, Tomorrow and Saturday

Today is the first day of the NBM Show in the Los Angeles Convention Center and I’m looking forward to meeting as many loyal readers as possible during the three days of the show. For most of the show, you’ll find me in booth 127 where you can also learn …

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Come See My Free CorelDRAW Seminar at NBM Shows in 2014

I am really excited to get out in five different cities next year to teach users to be more productive with CorelDRAW. You’ll see the dates and locations of each of the NBM trade shows listed at right. I will be presenting a free seminar at each show entitled “CorelDRAW …

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Make Sure You Are Notified When Facebook Pages Post New Content

Facebook has been making changes with the way that content from pages you liked is delivered to you. In short, you will find fewer and fewer posts in your Newsfeed. Just to be clear, these are not personal pages, these are fan pages such as our Graphics Unleashed page. The …

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 Is Evil and How To Fix It!

I’ll explain in detail why I feel Microsoft Internet Explorer is evil and how to fix it, if you insist on using it. Yet there is a very simple solution and that is simply to not use Internet Explorer for Web browsing. Really, it is that simple! Using other browsers …

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Facebook Advertising Rules and Common Sense Not Always in Alignment

I had an interesting situation come up recently with a Facebook post on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page. I have embedded a copy of the post below for those of you reading on the Web page. E-mail readers can either view it on the Web page or directly on Facebook. …

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Where Do You Save Downloaded Software and Track the Serial Numbers?

In the past week, I’ve downloaded a lot of very big files for installing some software. The biggest was the DVD image for Windows 8.1. Yes, I downloaded it legally and no, I have not yet installed it. It is part of the preparation I described in Preparing To Move …

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