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Wacom Drawing Tablets to Meet All Budgets

If you are working with artwork or photos on your computer, you should be using a graphics tablet. It is a far more natural way to interact with your computer when compared with a house. Best of all, you can use a tablet and mouse at the same time. I’ve …

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Graphics Tablets, Tablet Computers and Tracing Graphics

I got an interesting note from a loyal reader recently. It contained some misconceptions, some horrendous advice and a desire to improve a common task. Let’s go over each of those items and hopefully I can clear it all up. One thing I’ve advised over and over and over is …

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New Wacom Intuos Tablets Give Designers Creativity

Loyal readers know that I believe all designers should have a graphics tablet as an input device. I wrote Everyone Should Have a Wacom Tablet, Here Are The Two Best Options last fall giving the reasons and two great options. Just to clarify, we aren’t tablet about tablets running iOS …

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Getting Comfortable With a Graphics Tablet

I recently had a CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Session with someone and the most important thing I was asked to teach was how to get the most from a recently purchased Wacom tablet. Most of you already know that I feel Everyone Should Have a Wacom Tablet, Here Are the Two …

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Everyone Should Have a Wacom Tablet, Here Are the Two Best Options

I’ve been using a tablet as my primary pointing device on my computers for more than twenty years now. Don’t confuse a graphics tablet with a tablet computer such as iPad or Samsung Galaxy Note. We’re specifically talking about a device that in many ways replaces your mouse usage. Except …

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Wacom Introduces New Lines of Graphics Tablets and a Tablet Computer

I’ve been using some form of a graphics tablet for nearly 20 years now. The vast majority of years it has been a Wacom tablet. Yes, there are other companies that make graphics tablets. Many have come and gone over the years and it is because Wacom’s tablets are simply …

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Wacom Cintiq 24HD Graphic Tablet and Monitor

If you are working with graphics software, you need a Wacom tablet. I’ve said that many times before and I’m sure I’ll say it many times in the future. Of course I also feel pretty strongly that having a large, high-resolution display can be a huge boost to your productivity. …

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The Perfect Pointing Device

I wish I could say there was a single pointing device that is perfect for all users. While working with users recently, I saw all types of devices attached to their computers. These devices may have been perfect for those users, but I found two of them darned near impossible …

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Wacom Intuos5 Tablets

I was watching 60 Minutes last Sunday and they had a piece of Sal Khan and the Khan Academy. It was titled Khan Academy: The future of education? and I have provided a link to the transcript and the video. Admittedly I wasn’t watching it very closely because I was …

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New Wacom Bamboo Tablets Fit All Budgets

Wacom has two major lines of graphics tablets. At the high-end are the Intuos tablets. I have one and love it. Not every user needs the extra features in the Intuos line and the price may be out of budget range. For users who want the benefit of using a …

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