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Tech News Digest for April 19, 2024

Smart rings, bone conduction headphones, toll scam, mold, Adobe Acrobat, floppy disks, Heineken phone, code words and dog names. The start of summer has arrived in my neighborhood and that also means many of my neighbors will be leaving for the next six months or so....

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Tech News Digest for April 12, 2024

Wireless charging pads, Jacksonville Jaguars hack, cancer vaccine, Android 15, Apple robots, iPhone 16, BYD Seagull and Jolene. Many in North America were transfixed by the solar eclipse on Monday, including me. My neighborhood only got 91% blockage, but it was still...

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Tech News Digest for April 5, 2024

Laptop reviews, cookie hijacking, super gonorrhea, RCS messages, AI Taylor Swift, secret phone number and clogged toilets. One of the biggest stories is the upcoming solar eclipse, but there are plenty of other interesting stories in this week’s news. Catch up...

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Tech News Digest for March 29, 2024

Ring doorbell, Anker Nebula, green bubbles, big brains, iOS 18, inkjets, Pixel 9, Formula 1, solar eclipse and dogs. Those are just a few of the highlights in this week’s news. Get caught up on all the headlines below and get ready for the eclipse coming in just...

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Tech News Digest for March 22, 2024

Product reviews, radio jammers, sleep quality, Gemini AI, Blackwell, WindWing, cranial modification and Row 13. March Madness is underway and that definitely distracts me for a few days a year. If you’re like me, make sure to check out everything from this...

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Tech News Digest for March 15, 2024

M3 MacBook Air, Oura Ring, Russian hackers, frostbite drug, Linux, GameScent, Rivian, Cybertruck, band names and Pi Day. I remember a Comdex show more than 30 years ago when a company said they would have a way to create scents to go with games. Now a company has...

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Tech News Digest for March 8, 2024

Travel gadgets, M3 chip, ALPHV, daylight savings time, iOS 17.4, Project Kuiper, Nothing Phone 2a, Fisker, largest snake and sea stars. You’ll find a wide range of stories in this week’s news from high in space to the bottom of the ocean and everywhere in...

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Tech News Digest for March 1, 2024

Galaxy Ring, 4K projector, M&M spy, niacin, iMessage, translators, TPM, bendy phones, Odysseus, scam manual and gators. With the Mobile World Congress going on, there were a lot of stories about phones and wearables in this week’s news. Get caught up on all...

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