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Tremendous Training: CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed

Hello Corelians, First, a Disclaimer… Foster sent me a review copy of the Bundle. That said, I’ve seen other training packages from him, over many years. I’ve also seen other CorelDRAW training packages from other authors too. If someone asked me these questions:      New user: “How do I learn …

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Fit images into a certain area with CorelDRAW

Question: “I want to know how to fill a shape with a graphic that is the same size and space between the graphic. For instance, I have a 4×4″ box. I want to fill the box with 10 small graphics that are the same. how do I do this? I …

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Create fonts quickly with CorelDRAW

Here’s a relatively fast way to create your own working font, using CorelDRAW as part of the process. font_template Note that the template is “Locked” in CorelDRAW. (Right-click on an element to lock or unlock an item – look through the pop-up list) Enjoy! Jeff Harrison

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Reduce Bitmap Resolution with the Bitmap Manipulator

Foster had an interesting post about finding some very high-resolution bitmaps in a CorelDRAW file that a client had sent him. It can easily be a concern, especially with modern digital cameras being able to generate very detailed photos. Some years ago, we created a macro to help with these …

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Convert bitmaps to vector halftones with Rstones 3

Create vector dots/shapes as a halftone representation, right inside CorelDRAW. You can make custom shapes as the halftone dot too (you need to make a custom catalog of your custom shape). I created the triangle shape for the example below. The resolution of the halftone is selectable in a unique …

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Converting art to a single bitmap inside CorelDRAW

A discussion of technical considerations when converting art to a single bitmap inside CorelDRAW. Also includes a demonstration of how overprinting black before converting can prevent white fringing and registration problems later. 300 DPI is OK for images, but if text is flattened along with the image for something like …

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Change color of shirts using Photo-PAINT

This video was created based on a request in this thread at the coreldraw.com forums.

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Create bulk QR codes and barcodes in CorelDRAW

The video explains it all. When you’re ready, buy e-cut here. Thanks!  

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Shelby’s Autosize Macro – What’s it for?

This is a macro I’ve used – for years – in order to see how artwork will look on a vehicle or storefront etc.. It’s very helpful for the creative process. Customers also have a much better idea of what you’re proposing. When the artwork during the design stage is …

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Ecut 6 has some updates

There are several useful updates in version most useful: nesting. Added (as before) the height of the resulting output block. The unused area will be crossed out. You can select best result from list. You can make several attempts and select best version using arrows, nesting will save them …

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