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Don’t Be Scared by the Everyday Ghost Font

When I wrote the Beautiful Scenes From Different Parts of the Arizona Desert post, I mentioned the large number of ghost towns found in Arizona. That got me thinking about giving you all a ghost and hopefully you’ll get the Everyday Ghost font. Don’t worry, it won’t haunt your designs. …

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Activate God Mode in Windows 7, 8 and 10

With almost every piece of software there are hidden features. Windows has its fair share and today I want to share with you the trick for activating the “God Mode” folder. The instructions I provide will work in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and even the upcoming Windows 10. Please do …

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Valencia Antique Fonts Sweet Addition to Designs

When I hear the name Valencia, I think of oranges. And if Valencia Antique means old oranges, it just doesn’t sound good. Luckily we are talking about a couple of antique fonts which simply means they have rough edges. These antiques may be the perfect answer for one of your …

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Make Sure You Spell Their Name Right!

Do you find that people get your name wrong often? It is something I’ve faced all of my life. I’m guessing it is because my name isn’t that common. From my earliest years, I was called Forrest and that was long before Forrest Gump became one of the most popular …

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Monetize Your Mobile Photos With Scoopshot

With every day that passes, more and more people are carrying a camera at almost all times. I’m speaking specifically about the camera in your smartphone. Not only are we carrying that camera, the quality of the pictures it takes continues to improve with each passing year. It is fairly …

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Where Is The Gas Cap On Your Rental Car?

Last week I was driving a rental car and faced a serious problem. I was about to pull into the gas station and I had no idea where the gas cap was located. I mentioned it to a friend in the passenger seat and she told me it was right …

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Add Elegance To Designs With Nicolas Family of Fonts

Some of the fonts that you enjoy the most are script fonts. At least more of you download the script fonts than the others. Today’s font is not a script font, but I still think it is quite elegant. The Nicolas family comes in Regular, Italic and Bold versions and …

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Make CorelDRAW X7 More Like Previous Versions

When I wrote Detailed Notes From CorelDRAW Seminars in Las Vegas Are Available, I got a question about how well the books I’ve written apply to CorelDRAW X7. This is also a question that I also get via telephone and e-mail. Obviously features added in CorelDRAW X7 are not covered. …

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Today’s Font Is Supafly

Things are really crazy in the Phoenix area this week. On one side of town is the PGA Tour event, the Waste Management Open. In other parts of town are various events related to the Super Bowl leading up to the game on Sunday. I was happy to be out …

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Multi-Port USB 2.0 and 3.0 Hubs

Does anyone ever have enough USB ports? Last week I suggested you Fill Your Front Bay With Memory Card Reader and USB Ports. It is a very elegant solution, but may be more of a project than you want to tackle or maybe it just won’t work for you. An …

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25 Most Popular (and Worthless) Passwords

It seems there is a new hacking situation on a very regular basis on the news. We’re talking big hacks of major companies. When those hacks occur, it often can mean millions of customers have their login credentials stolen. The folks at SplashData look over all the data and compile …

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Bilbo Script Font Perfect For All Hobbits

Some of you will find it shocking that I’ve not seen any of the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movies. I don’t avoid movies, I just didn’t seem to have an interest in those particular films. But when I saw the name of today’s font, Bilbo, I immediately thought …

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Get Windows 10 For Free!

Have you been slow to move to the newest versions of Windows in the past? If you are still using Windows XP, that’s definitely true. Even many users of Windows 7 hesitate to upgrade to Windows 8/8.1 as they don’t see any benefit. Microsoft wants to do everything possible to …

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Social Media Explained Gives You Knowledge You Need

I’ve read each of Mark Schaefer’s previous books: Return on Influence, Tao of Twitter and Born to Blog. Each of those books has given me knowledge I can put to use immediately. I’m a little late to get Social Media Explained: Untangling the World’s Most Misunderstood Business Trend but I’m …

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