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iolo System Mechanic 14 Professional Revisited

About a month and a half ago I wrote iolo System Mechanic 14 Professional Restores Computer Speed. Now that it has been doing its job on my system, it is time to revisit the software and let you know how it is working for me. I’ll also pass along a …

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Two Flavors of Labtop Candy Fonts

A week ago was Halloween and millions of children across the world traded a little scare for some tasty candy. Admittedly I even begged a couple of friends for some candy even though I had no costume and I’m far too old for trick or treating. Today I’m giving you …

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Bitmaps and Transparency Means Avoid JPG

I often find that users are absolutely baffled about how to have a bitmap (this does not mean BMP file format) with transparency. In short, you don’t want a white box. The first thing to do is banish the JPG file format as it is a large part of the …

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EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Delivers Serious Bang For the Buck

When we go shopping for something, getting the most bang for the buck is a highly desired quality. Today I’m featuring a video card that perfectly fits that statement. Unless you have purchased a high-end video card recently, this card has better performance than what you’ve got. One of the …

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Clean Up Your Disk, Speed Up Your System

I was talking with a loyal reader a few days and a full drive was causing their computer to run extra slow. As your hard drive runs out of space, your system will slow down drastically. If you’ve not cleaned up your drive lately, take a few minutes to do …

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PhotoZoom Pro 6 Increases Quality of Enlarged Images

Back in March I wrote PhotoZoom Makes Enlarging Photos Better Than Just Resampling. Recently the folks at BenVista released a new version of PhotoZoom and so you’ll have to decide if the free (older) version supplied with Corel PHOTO-PAINT meets your needs or if it is worth spending $99 to …

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Vahika! Six New Fonts

How many times have you heard someone say Eureka when they found a great solution? When I saw the name Vahika on today’s six fonts, the similarity in the words immediately came to mind. So shout it out loud and get some new fonts. Get your free copy! Not sure …

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Make a Plan In Case Unexpected Events Hit

There are times you just assume everything will work. Then the unexpected happens and it doesn’t work. I had one of those unexpected events about a week ago when I tried to go somewhere and my garage door wouldn’t open. I tried with the electric opener and I tried it …

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Watch HDMI Source Video on Two Screens

We all have various video sources. It could be a computer’s video card, a cable/satellite box or most anything else that provides video. But what happens if you have one source and you want the video to appear on two screens? Typically you are out of luck! That’s where an …

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Disconnect Backup Drives To Protect Data

A couple of days ago I told you Cryptolocker Strikes, The Price Has Gone Up. The bad part about Cryptolocker and its variants is that they will encrypt every attached drive on your system. Therefore if you want a backup to be truly safe in case of disaster, the backup …

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Cryptolocker Strikes, The Price Has Gone Up

About a year ago I wrote a warning Beware of Cryptolocker Malware. If you don’t remember it well, I suggest you read it again. The cost for ignoring the warning is getting more and more expensive. In short, Crytolocker (and variants) are malware that gets installed on your computer. As …

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Pickin’ Up Great Vibes Font Oom Bop Bop

When I saw the name Great Vibes on today’s font, my mind immediately wandered to the Beach Boys Good Vibrations. It took me away to a beautiful day on the beach for at least a few seconds. Sadly I don’t think the font itself will take you away to the …

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Have Tools Handy For Working On Computer

Some of you love to work with tools and some are you are probably hesitant. It is always a good idea to have a computer toolkit available. Maybe all you need to do is open up the case to blow out the dust. Of course you might be changing a …

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Diagnosing a Locked CorelDRAW File

I had a loyal reader contact me about a problem he was having when trying to e-mail a file to a vendor for output. He had a logo in CorelDRAW that he converted to PDF. When he tried to attach the PDF file to an e-mail, he was always told …

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