Diane’s got it right…

Written by Jeff Harrison
November 20, 2008

Diane posted something regarding font recognition for rebuilding artwork:”After working with these kinds of files, day in and day out, year after year, recognition becomes easier. Not saying you won’t get a stumper once in a while, but a good portion of them are familar. Practice by “Naming that Font” while you watch TV. See how many you can name in commercials, titles, credits etc.”I responded:You’re someone I admire since it’s clear you have a passion for using CorelDRAW to solve real production problems and also as a creative tool. You seem to view your trade as a career, not a job. A job is something people do for money until they have time to do something they really enjoy instead. A career is something in a person’s mind all the time, perhaps in their dreams too! It provides a far more fulfilling existence IMO. Heh, on the Unleashed Euro CorelDRAW bootcamp cruise, Foster and I were walking around Rome and naming fonts found on signage. Foster worked at a Font Foundry for awhile, and I look through thousands of fonts almost daily as a production artist. So it was a fun challenge.So, reader…

Do you dread Monday through Friday? Or instead, are you grateful to sit in a chair, looking at CorelDRAW all day and getting real things done?

One thing to ponder: there are about 3 billion Orientals, East Indians, Latin Americans and Russians that would cheerfully take your place if given the opportunity, and who’d do your work for half the price (maybe even less).

Carpe Diem…

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