Showing real projects done with CorelDRAW

Written by Jeff Harrison
September 17, 2009
I found this exchange in a email from 2005. Yes, trying to clean house a little. LOL

On this point your position is inarguably correct. For promotional purposes, Corel must present images that are far beyond the comprehension of the average graphic artist. To me, that often translates to attempts at photo-realism in Draw. But not always… things like maps, product labels/packaging, embroidery, vinyl signage, yellow page ads – all of these are done in Draw too. And can each be impressive in their own right. They just need to look like – or be – real billable work. If someone can project themselves into the future creating these things (and making a living), it’s a compelling reason to plop down the cash on Draw. As you’d said – it’s more practical to just take a photo of a car (or maybe build in 3D in the first place for repurposing) than to make one static angle in Draw. Much of the photo realistic stuff in Draw is for the artist’s amusement/challenge, not for commercial work. The most effective approach would be to the people who buy the art and design. Create practical examples of real-world graphics that the customer can take to his supplier and say, “I want this. Can you do this? It very important that I have this because my competitors will have it soon.” I have a massive collection of commercial work that if I spread it on a table, an art director will probably give a thumbs up to most of it. But a sales manager would get even more excited, because he’s looking past the paper and ink and seeing a big stack of clients and their money. If Draw is my weapon of choice, he won’t argue with that, if I feel twice as productive with it. Designing effective sales materials doesn’t always have to push the envelope of what Draw can do, it just needs to be effective at communicating and produce results for clients. People thinking about buying Draw for “meat and potatoes” work should see stuff along those lines. There’s plenty of room on servers. 🙂 Whatever someone wants to do, they CAN do it in Draw. Jeff

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