James Leonard’s Artwork Optimizer is now available

Written by Jeff Harrison
May 24, 2010

The Artwork Optimizer is a sensible & unique product for production output. This plugin performs shape sequence / stacking order optimization inside CorelDRAW.

It rearranges the objects in a drawing so they can be processed in the optimum order for cutting on a vinyl cutter, laser or CNC cutting system.

The optimization of the cutting order speeds up cutting; and in the case of vinyl cutters, also improves accuracy, since vinyl is fed back and forth through the machine to a lesser degree.

It’s common for objects to become scattered in the stacking order due to cut-and-paste and other operations. (note: especially after using a nesting tool such as ecut which aggressively optimizes spacing of various shapes to save material: ecut was used in advance for the examples below. The Artwork Optimizer does not nest shapes).

The red lines and arrows show the sequence in which the drawing will be processed. Here’s a sample showing before and after, see more exmaples on the product page.

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