Creating a Puzzle Globe Effect

Written by Jeff Harrison
July 3, 2010

This one is a more advanced task (Esp to created the initial puzzle pieces.)

Here’s a brief summary of the steps I took:

  1. Make all vector puzzle pieces
  2. Put in letters
  3. Put circle over top
  4. Press ALT+F3 to launch lens docker
  5. Set circle to be a fish eye lens
  6. Freeze the lens group
  7. Ungroup result
  8. Find circle shape, apply radial fountain fill to it from white at center to black at edges
  9. Set circle shape to 100% multiply merge mode using transparency tool in uniform mode

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  1. Dick


    as always, you teach us how to use an effect or tool i haven't spent any time with. pushes me to expand corel knowledge.

    only question: where did the puzzle come from?



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