PDFs Are Not Native Files

August 12, 2010

It is very common these days that graphic artists are working with PDF files. Artists assume because the file looks perfect in a reader application that it can be imported flawlessly for editing in CorelDRAW (or Adobe Illustrator). That just isn’t the case.

A PDF file was created from some other format. It could have originated in any of a number of programs. While you can often import the files with minimal error, you still need to understand the types of things that won’t import correctly and the limitations you may face.

In the past couple of days I saw a user wanting to “unweld” something in an imported PDF file. Even if it were always a native CorelDRAW file, there is no way to “unweld” a single object. Once the Weld has been completed, it is done. Sure, you can Undo. But that won’t help once the file is saved. If it were a native Illustrator file and you were working in Adobe Illustrator, you could unweld as that is one of the unique features in Illustrator.

The PDF file being discussed contained some fairly basic shapes and could easily be re-created by someone with intermediate CorelDRAW skills. So I’ll pose this challenge to all of you. Instead of taking the time to complain about a PDF file that doesn’t import as well as you think it should, spend that same amount of time improving your CorelDRAW skills. In the long run, you’ll come out far ahead of your competition.

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