Alexander Penkin’s Cadtool 4 Updated

Written by Jeff Harrison
March 2, 2011

For those who’ve dreamed of having numerous powerful CAD-like features in CorelDRAW, CADTool4 is a huge toolbox. It’s amazingly affordable for the amount of functionality you get.

Several interesting improvements you might not have seen yet…

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  1. Ken Graham

    Off Topic

    Indesign or Ventura Replacement functionality in Corel – as Corel won't likely do it the question is could it be done with Macros?

    Incremental Variable page numbering on Master Pages Roman and regular numerals capable so numbering automatically reflows on page additions, or removals. Use left and right master pages like Indesign & additional master pages for changing numbering styles.

    Ability to switch to Default saving of pictures externally – assuming required for long document capability.

    Paragraph tag type styles for consistent style through document.

    Use of Paragraph tag styles for a Table of Contents generation macro.

    There is surprisingly little left to turn Corel into a Indesign and Ventura and Word replacement with far more functionality.

    If these Macros are available now, by all means direct me to them.


  2. Jeff Harrison

    Hi Ken,

    I started one during X3 era, but the problem was tagging text "inside" paragraph text frames.

    I know in the past there have been many users such as myself who have pressed for style sheets for Draw so that a publication's appearance can be updated easily, document-wide.

    Since Ventura seems dead, many Draw users have eyed or bought Indesign – which only funds Corel's #1 business enemy. I don't "get it".

    Perhaps Corel will finally listen and make Draw powerful, as the hardware we all have today can support what we desire.

    They will have to redesign the text engine, which needs to be done "anyway" for full opentype support.


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