CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Multimedia Training Series

March 27, 2012

Ever since the release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 a week ago I have been receiving questions about CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Multimedia Training. I’ll try to outline the plans for this three disc series as best possible. So the answer to the first question asked is that yes, we will be producing a series for X6. To get a good idea of what will be included, you can see detailed tables of contents for the CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed series.

CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed will be the first of the three discs released. At this time, we do not have a release date to announce. As it gets closer to completion, we will announce a release date and we will offer pre-ordering a week or two before it is ready to ship. I know I will still get questions asking for a date. The short answer is that it will be available when it is finished and we just don’t know when it will be finished right now. We do expect that the PDF component of the training will exceed 600 pages covering 48 individual lessons. We also expect it will contain more than twelve and a half hours of video tutorials. As it gets closer to completion, we’ll update those values with the exact amount included.

CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Advanced Topics will be the second disc released. Again, we do not have a suggested release date though it will follow the first disc. It will contain 21 individual lessons with more than 200 pages in the PDF file and more than two and a half hours of video tutorials.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 Unleashed will be the last disc of the series to be released. As with the other two, we don’t have a suggested release date other than it will be after the first two. It will contain 14 individual lessons with more than 180 pages in the PDF and more than three and a half hours of tutorial videos.

We know some of you want to get your hands on this immediately and we would love to have it available immediately. We would love to have it available immediately too. Unfortunately it takes a long time to create quality training and we want to make sure we give you the absolute best. As we have more information on the series to share, we’ll pass that information along to you.

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  1. robin

    I want to buy this but cannot find. any ideas?
    amazon not have verson 6


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