Not a day goes by without someone asking a question about the availability of a native Mac version of CorelDRAW. Last summer I told you Why You Shouldn’t Expect a Mac Version of CorelDRAW. Given the current business conditions, it just isn’t going to happen.

The folks at ZDNet put out an article this week suggesting it would be in Apple’s best interest to buy a company in the graphics software business. Go ahead and read Apple’s next big buy: Adobe or Corel?. They claim Apple needs their own software to help make graphics for apps.

Adobe is a much bigger company with a much more valuable portfolio. The article suggests it would cost more than $17 billion to buy Adobe. Corel is much smaller and yet makes many of the tools needed to create the graphics needed. Corel also has a much lower suggested price at only $1 billion. Hey Apple, if you read this you may want to also buy Graphics Unleashed! This is certainly an interesting idea and I think having the financial backing of Apple would be of interest to many CorelDRAW users. For those of you asking about a Mac version of CorelDRAW, here is the scenario that would make it happen. Now is the time to start asking Apple when they are going to buy Corel instead of asking Corel when a Mac version will be available. At least that is probably the best way to get your wish as soon as possible.

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