Five Guys, Same Pose, Seven Photos, Thirty Years

July 30, 2012

What did you do the summer you were 19? Do you even remember? I had to think hard to remember and even then the memory is a bit hazy. Of the friends you spent time with that summer, are you still in touch with them? I know there are some I still talk with regularly and some that I can’t remember our last conversation.

That’s what makes this story so cool. Five teenage guys took a vacation to a lake cabin in 1982. While on vacation they decided to take a group picture sitting on a bench (shown at right). That probably isn’t anything terribly unique as I’m guessing most of us have group pictures taken in our past.

Of course, this story gets more interesting. The same five friends went back to the lake cabin every summer. Five years after the original photo was shot, they decided to try and re-create the original photo. Same guys, same pose, new jar and a new hat. They continued the tradition of re-creating the photo every five years and there are now seven photos in total. CNN wrote an article about their tradition and the guys have even created a Web site dedicated to their photos (you can see all seven photos there).

It is definitely interesting to see the group age in the photos and the mix of wardrobe and jars. Have you ever re-created a photo like this over time? Post the photos to the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page so we can all check them out!

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