Blog 2K – Graphics Unleashed Blog’s 2000th Post

August 20, 2012

I seriously doubt any of the loyal readers have been counting the number of posts. Many of you simply read the posts as they come in your inbox each day. I hope many of your take advantage of the Graphics Unleashed Blog Archive as you can find many of your questions have already been answered in previous posts.

Take yourself back to New Years Eve in 2004. What resolutions did you make? Do you even remember? One of mine was to start a blog. At the time, I didn’t know what exactly it would cover. I just knew that I had information I wanted to share.

During the timespan of 2005 until mid-2008, I wrote posts as an idea came to mind. Unfortunately that meant more than a week could pass in between some posts. Starting in July 2008 I outlined a themed topic for each day of the week and the posts have come daily ever since. Admittedly there was one day in 2010 when something came up that prevented me from posting.

I have also introduced a few other themes that occasionally take the place of the regular daily themes. Other days I have a post that doesn’t neatly fit into one of the established themes. Some posts are way outside of graphics, while others zero in on a very specific issue.

While I am the author of most of the posts, I want to remind everyone that each post is simply the start of the conversation. You are certainly encouraged to posts your thoughts on a topic in a blog comment or a comment on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page. Should you ever want to start the conversation, I am always looking for guest posts. Just drop me a note with your idea for a guest post. For those who don’t want to write a guest post, you can always suggest topics you want me to cover.

Certainly I never would have gotten to 2000 posts without your help. Thank you for all of the feedback you’ve provided over the seven years of the blog. Some of it is very critical and makes me think hard about what has been written. Of course it is always great to get an attaboy thanking me for the information provided. Well, I better get to work on writing post number 2001.

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  1. CorelElements

    That’s great Foster. Information, that’s always new. Blogs with references to older posts with links. Counting the days since 2004, its almost one every working day. Simply great. As you know, I have been reading your blog since long time.

  2. Ron Emser

    Foster, We met in Columbus, OH during a Corel Seminar, back in the CorelDRAW 3 or 4 (not X3, X4). I don’t even remember the year. Every so often I get the bug to shuffle over to Adobe, but I find myself hanging on,(having updated to X6, which I have found a rewarding experience so far.)

    Keep up the good work!


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