Just over a month ago we added Volume 8 and Volume 9 to our Textures Unleashed collection. Today we have released the Volume 10 featuring seamless bitmap tiles of art, architecture and marble. It contains 122 distinct seamless textures for use in all popular graphics software. Not sure how to use them? We have free tutorials for Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.

Trying to depict a realistic floor or building interior? The marble textures give you a number of choices for floors, counters and wherever else marble may be used. You’ll also find the art and architecture textures to come in handy for both the interior and exterior of structures.

On the product page you can download a free PDF insert showing thumbnails of each of the textures or you can click on the name of any texture to see its individual product page. Make sure to check out this collection as you’re sure to want these seamless textures in your artwork collection.

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