New Windows Update KB2753842 Means Fontmageddon May Be Over

December 21, 2012

Microsoft has released an updated version of Windows Update KB2753842 that appears to close the security hole of rogue fonts without causing the horrible font disappearing problems of the original version of this update. Did you somehow miss the problems of the original update? Read Windows Update KB2753842 Will Make Some Fonts Stop Working and follow the links to other posts about it.

OK, so Microsoft has rolled out the new update and the big question is should you install it? I have heard from various sources that all problems seen in a long list of software applications seem to be fixed. But since the weekend is almost here and many of you will be away from your computers for the holidays, you might want to wait a few more days before installing just to be safe. Yes, your computer will still have the security risk posed should you come across a rogue font. Yet you probably won’t be at the computer much anyways so that risk should be very slim.

I know I’ll be waiting a few more days before installing and I’m not the least bit worried about the security risk. When the time comes to update, it should be pushed to you automatically via Windows Update. If it isn’t, go to Windows Update and check for any new updates and it should appear.

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