The Tao of Twitter by Mark SchaeferHave you tried Twitter? I’m guessing there are probably three prevalent answers to that question.

First would be that you don’t understand why you would even want an account.

Second would be that you created an account, sent a couple of tweets and you just didn’t see any reason to continue.

Third is that you have unlocked the power of Twitter and you absolutely love it.

If I had to guess your answer, it would probably be one of the first two and I was once there myself. When a friend first suggested I get an account, I never heard a good reason why I should do it.

Yes, I did create an account and I simply didn’t use it much for well over a year. Even when I vowed I would use it more, I still found it really difficult to get into the tweeting phenomenon. It was then I read The Tao of Twitter from cover to cover. All of a sudden, Twitter began to make sense to me and now it is a very important communication tool.

Mark Schaefer, the author, was in the same boat until several things happened that allowed him to fully understand the power of Twitter. He explains the secret language spoken in the world of Twitter along with the keys for building followers and having meaningful interaction.

This is a very easy book to read and you can easily get through it in a day or two. Or you can take a few more days to read it and implement the suggestions along the way. The paperback version sells for $8 and the Kindle version for just over $5 so it fits even the smallest budgets.

As we look at new things to learn in 2013, Twitter may be something that should be on this list and The Tao of Twitter will get you there faster. Once you’ve got your Twitter account up and running, please follow @fostercoburn and interact with me.

Foster D. Coburn III
Foster D. Coburn III

Foster D. Coburn III is author of 13 best-selling books on CorelDRAW and has been a contributor to numerous technology and graphics-related magazines. Foster has taken many projects, including this Web site, from the early design stage through to a finished piece. He has been a featured speaker at many graphics conferences. His first Web site was built in 1995 and he has been working exclusively in WordPress since 2013.

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