Anomalies with Windows Classic Theme and Corel Photo-PAINT

Written by Jeff Harrison
February 5, 2013
I’ll admit I’m a fan of Windows Classic Theme.
However, Corel Photo-PAINT doesn’t play nice with certain dialogs in the theme, even though this theme has been officially released by Microsoft as part of their operating system.
One that’s been a problem for many versions now is the Batch Process dialog (found under File | Batch Process). Try to load more than one image, and you’ll see this:
In aero mode, it will work as expected. I’ve notified Corel about this, to no avail, multiple times.
Another error in Windows Classic Theme? Writing a file to disk can assign the wrong extension. No, you haven’t been going crazy if you’ve seen this before.
Click on the image below for a clearer version:

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Jeff Harrison

Jeff Harrison is a media "Jack-of-all-trades", familiar with most of the major media applications on the Windows platform. Whether it's 2D/print, 3D, audio, video, or web-related - he's working on mastering everything that comes his way. He's a past Alpha and Beta tester for Corel, and has instructed students from all over the world. He runs the popular site, the #1 place for CorelDRAW macros. Also check out his youtube page, and his gallery at

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