I’ll warn you, this post contains a dirty picture. No, really, it is dirty! I’m talking about the dust and dirt that can build up inside of your computer and other electronic devices. When was the last time you opened up your computer to see what was inside? If you don’t regularly clean it out, the dust can cause your computer to crash and crash often. Below is a really dirty picture of the inside of a computer. No surprise it didn’t work at all.
Really Dusty Computer
I sure hope your computer doesn’t look anything like that. One of the maintenance tasks you should be performing on a regular schedule is a good cleaning of your computer. How often should you do it? It probably depends on how much dust is in the area where you keep your computer. At the very least it should be done once a year. Most likely it would be better to do it a couple of times a year.

Don’t worry, it isn’t difficult at all. You’ll need to open up your computer case. Most cases have thumbscrews so no tool is required. Just twist them with your thumb. It is possible you’ll need a screwdriver. For those who want a good toolkit for their computer, I wrote Computer Tool Kit Is Necessary For Quick Fixes about a good all-in-one kit.

Once the computer is open, you’ll want to blow out all of the dust and dirt with a can of compressed air. I wrote a post titled Clean Your Computer With Compressed Air a couple of years ago with a link to a good supply of cans.

For those who open up a computer and find a lot of dust, I’ll be real curious to hear if your computer is working a lot better after cleaning it out. You might just find that your computer crashes a lot less frequently after a good spring cleaning.

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