Cave Creek Geek Is Coming Soon

June 25, 2013

Cave Creek GeekI’ve been bouncing around the idea of recording a fun and educational video series for quite some time. But I didn’t want to get the series started until I had a concept that truly excited me.

Guess what? I have that idea and I hope you’ll be as excited about it as I am. As you can see from the logo at right, the title of the series is Cave Creek Geek. You probably are still wondering what it will cover, right?

The general theme will involve me going to a specific location and telling you about the history or other interesting details. Since I am a geek and love technology, I will also weave in something about technology with special emphasis on graphics. I want you to learn something with each episode, but I also hope you’ll be entertained.

I’m sure the penny pinchers out there are all ready to complain about a cost. No need to do that, the videos will be available for free and I’ll provide you a link when they are posted. I do hope you’ll find a way to purchase products and services we do offer to give me incentive to continue making these videos for you.

Of course I will be interested in your feedback on the videos as it will help me to decide what to film for future videos and to tweak the format as needed. I have not yet started filming so feel free to pass along any ideas right now and I’ll consider implementing them. Keep your eyes peeled for the first episode as it should be posted within the next month.

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  1. Anonymous

    I look forward to watching your exploits and learning from them. Given your attention to detail in your many publications I am sure they will be well received.
    David Mc.

  2. MadDog

    Just give me a heads-up for when I need to put on the popcorn!

  3. Anonymous


    Sounds like another great idea. Can’t wait.



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