Cave Creek Geek Interviews James Leonard

July 31, 2013

Cave Creek Geek Interviews James LeonardNow that the Cave Creek Geek series is underway, it is time for the Geek to continue the trek all over the US and possibly beyond.

In today’s episode, the Cave Creek Geek Interviews James Leonard in Long Beach, CA. Some of you may recognize James as the author of several CorelDRAW add-ons geared towards making better output for CNC routers. You can learn about his add-ons and download free trial versions at the Leonard CNC Software page.

Over the weekend I was recording some future episodes of the Cave Creek Geek when I was approached by some marketing folks from Wells Fargo. They asked if I would like to test out making a mobile deposit with the mobile app. Heck, they gave me a check for $2.50 to test so why not. Afterwards I was asked if I would record a short promotional video for them and I did. I guess it is obvious I’m at home in front of a camera as they were thrilled with the video on the first take. If they make it available online, I’ll see if I can share it with you.

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for an informative video interview of James Leonard, giving us an opportunity to learn about his CNC software. I expect your expertise in videotaping interviews will improve with each shoot. Next time you will be more selective of a location’s ambient sounds and avoid harsh lighting conditions that require subjects to squint or wear dark glasses. Remember that an interviewer can be off camera for the majority of the interview so we can focus on the guest’s message.

  2. Foster D. Coburn III

    While there will certainly be interviews in the future, they will only make up a small percentage of the Cave Creek Geek series. To address the issue of “dark glasses”, my glasses are polarized and adjust automatically to lighting. I also ask that you remember these videos are done with zero budget and in this case with no “crew” at all. With the camera used, there is no way at all to preview sound until the data gets back to a computer. Sure, the equipment could be upgraded, but that would mean having a budget to purchase equipment.


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