My favorite “red eye” reduction method in Photo-PAINT

Written by Jeff Harrison
July 11, 2013

I don’t use the built-in red eye tool found in Photo-PAINT. It doesn’t offer the best results in my opinion. Instead, here’s my favorite way – from David MacDonald from over ten years ago. David Mutch was kind enough to detail the steps that were outlined in the CNEWS NNTP groups around the CorelDRAW 9 era.

While it takes a bit of effort to set up in Photo-PAINT, the results are
absolutely worth it: Look at this extreme example I fixed today to show

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  1. Mike Clarke

    HI Jeff I am having problems seeing the tutorial via the link it is asking me to log in blogger by google. I do but I am not getting your link

  2. Jeff Harrison

    Mike, it looks as if Jeff has linked to Blogger instead of the tutorial. I'll see if I can find the correct link and post it.

  3. Jeff Harrison

    The link has now been fixed to point to the appropriate location.

  4. Ken Graham

    Hi Jeff; your link did not work for me – took me to a page to create a blog.

    Hope you will provide another link – Thanks, Ken

  5. Jeff Harrison

    Ken, the link has already been corrected. If you received the post via e-mail, it obviously won't update in that e-mail. It is updated on the Web page and has been for a few hours now.

  6. Ken Graham

    Correction – I was getting the old link but after commenting saw comments where previously there were none and of course now the link is working. Perhaps had I refreshed the page it would have worked correctly, Ken


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