Putting it All Together

Written by Jeff Harrison
December 21, 2013

Compositing is both fun and reasonably easy way to get a point across. I made this for a group I belong to called the Deep See Divers, which is a team working our way through an 18-month course.

Using Photo-PAINT, I found and placed 3 separate elements together: The background, the hat, and the deep sea guy. I had to cut out the backgrounds behind the hat and the diver. For these projects, you’ll find yourself having to crop, scale and rotate elements.

Then I flattened the image, and applied the water color effect. Effects | Art Strokes | Water Color. This helps hide the fact that
the elements were originally from separate places. And, it’s a nice
painterly effect. 🙂

After that, I put the text on top in CorelDRAW. I find it faster in
to try various fonts and color combinations there. Plus the fonts stay
sharp for exporting.

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