Seamless Textures Unleashed Provides a New Home For Your Favorite Fills

October 26, 2014

Seamless Textures UnleashedMost readers know that we’ve been providing a wide variety of seamless textures for many years now. The Graphics Unleashed site has thousands of pages and the seamless textures aren’t as prominent as we would like.

We decided to build an entirely new Web site dedicated to only seamless textures. You’ll find DVDs containing four resolutions of each seamless texture and downloads of the Lite products with the lower resolution textures. Plus there are bundles for those who want more textures for less money.

We will not be removing the seamless textures from the Graphics Unleashed site. Going forward, you’ll be able to find these textures at Graphics Unleashed and at Textures Unleashed. It is your choice which site will best serve your seamless textures needs. Check out the new site, we hope you’ll love it!

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  1. Kirk

    I tried your new web order site and it worked excellently, as one would expect, under the Chrome browser.
    Under IE 11, it has a gotcha (so what else is new?).
    In the normal browser mode (which should be titled imcompatability mode), it worked pretty well except, when ordering a DVD, the state drop-down list isn’t a list but a text box and so the state cannot be supplied.
    When I turned on (semi-)compatablility mode, the state drop-down worked but when I tried to look at the zoomed/scrolled image of one of the textures, the image was on the far right of the screen and only displayed a small part of the image. Right-clicking and selecting “open link in new tab” did display the full jpeg image for viewing.
    It looks like I was your first ordering customer on the site, at least for the texture CDs I ordered. Wow, I’m finally first at something.
    It appears you don’t charge extra for overnight delivery to Texas. That sure beats the delivery charge when ordering through the Amazon.

  2. Foster D. Coburn III

    Kirk, the module that provides the “store” part of the site was upgraded soon before release. We were told by the company providing it that it fixed several issues that existed in the previous version. The reality is that it introduced a number of new issues, including the complete failure to charge shipping. We believe some of the other issues you mentioned were also introduced by the update. Yes, you were the first to order DVDs.


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